TOP: THOSE FUCKING UNICORNS by Sy Wagon & Shelter Raiders by Anna Haifish (Published by Pegacorn Press), TUNA MASSAGE by Karissa Sakumoto, BIRTH CANAL by Tom Toye, BLADES & LAZERS by Benjamin Marra, & SET SAIL FOR ROCKS by Michael Olivo (Published by Sacred Prism), Borrowed Tails by Inés Estrada (Published by mini kus!), BABYTOWN 2&3 by Mimi Chrzanowski, METEO by Charlotte De Sédouy, J.1137 by Antoine Cossé (Published by Breakdown Press), INFOMANIACS by Matthew Thurber (Published by Picturebox), WOMANIMALISTIC #3 by Caroline Paquita (Published by Pegacorn Press), QTZ by Olivia Horvath, “Her Name Was Prudence” by Cathy G. Johnson, Nadine – Poodle Potential by Joana Avillez, “LIFE ZONE” by Simon Hanselmann (Published by Space Face Books)

MIDDLE: SPURT OF BLOOD by Olivia Horvath, KEEP FRESH by Zejian Shen (Published by Retrofit Comics), Alien Invasion III by Lala Albert, ROT #5 by Katrina from Providence, GASTRONOMO by Andrew Levine, Comics Workbook Magazine #1 edited by Andrew White, Zach Mason, & Frank Santoro, TO THE FUTURE by Josh Freydkis, EXPRESS LESS & DUBBLE FEECHER by Lale Westvind, CRAWDADS #3 by Karissa Sakumoto (Published by Rude Comics), Stickers by Bbytown, Inés Estrada, & Lala Albert, Painted baby head wall thing by Lauren Poor, CRIT CLUB COMIX Vol. 1 by Suny Purchase Critique Club, CACT-ASS & DEADBEAT BABIES by Matt Crabe, NEXT LEVEL #1 by the Witch Club (Providence), SPURTS #1 by Mike Funk

BOTTOM: PROVIDENCE COMICS CONSORTIUM SHOWCASE (Various Issues) published by the Providence Comics Consortium, SCHOOL SPIRITS by Anya Davidson (Published by Picturebox), Don’t Break the Oath, NEW COMICS #2, & Special Friend by Patrick Kyle, The Dormitory & CASHING CAPITAL by Conor Stechschulte, Windowpane #2 by Joe Kessler (Published by Breakdown Press), DELINQUENT by Heather Benjamin (Published by Floating World) SPIDER’S PEE-PAW #2 Edited by Char Esme and Ben Mendelewicz, ILLOGICAL COMICS DAILIES collection by Tom Toye (Published by Snakebomb Comix).


Now I just have to read them all 🙂



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